Termination Notice Accommodation Agreement

b) before the expiry of the hosting period, by written notification from the client, even without justification, with one month`s notice, from the first day of the month following the delivery of the written notification to the supplier. The client`s Serb is not in dispute for the damage caused to the supplier by the early termination of the reserved accommodation. If in doubt, it is considered that the notification was sent to the supplier on the third day following the shipping. The unavoidable damage by the supplier is always calculated as the amount corresponding to the price difference for the accommodation payable in accordance with the hosting contract and the total price of the accommodation period carried out, according to the current price list. If the 30-day notice period is not met, the fee also includes the payment corresponding to the standard price of the accommodation in the same capacity for the following 25 days since the day the guest`s accommodation is terminated. If the client has terminated the contract for certified health or social reasons that deserve special attention, or for certified studies organized by the university abroad, the harm suffered by the claimant is not compensated; The validity of the reasons is assessed by the supplier. If the client has signed the hosting contract for the course of his studies and the reason for the termination is that the customer does not accept the change in the price of the accommodation, the change in the terms of sale or the modification of the hosting code, the damage caused to the supplier is not replaced. A resident may file a dispute resolution claim (form 16) with the RTA if he or she believes that a supplier/agent has wrongly given him the exit notice – room apartment. Prior to the start date, the University will assign the premises to the residence to the residents. While the type of accommodation will be as stipulated in the details of the contract, the university retains absolute discretion over the exact location of the room assigned to the occupant. 8.2 The university will endeavour to share with the resident any intention to enter the room, in order to carry out repairs, conduct inspections and show potential residents, although it is not required to do so.

The resident will work with the university to provide access to the space. 9.2 Any communication from the resident to the university must be made in writing and notified to the university by leaving the communication to the residence`s administrative office during normal business hours. If there is a temporary agreement and the deadline has expired and a notice of exit from the residence form – accommodation or residence form – has not been issued, the agreement will continue to be considered as a periodic agreement on the same terms as the original agreement.

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