Yukon First Nation Self-Government Agreements

The Teslin Tlingit Council Administration of Justice Agreement was signed on February 21, 2011 by the government and the Teslin Tlingit Council. It came into force on June 23, 2011 and is the first agreement on the administration of justice under a Yukon Autonomy Agreement. This milestone was recognized by a signing ceremony in February and a solemn municipal celebration in July, both organized by the Teslin Tlingit Council. In November 2011, the Canadian government`s negotiating mandate changed and federal negotiators held an information exchange meeting for the First Nations Autonomous Yukon and the Yukon government to explain changes to the negotiating mandate. To date, 11 First Nations have entered into self-management agreements. In July 2011, the Board participated in a ceremony at which the expulsion of Fort Selkirk as a Yukon Territorial Historic Site was recognized on site. Fort Selkirk is co-owner and co-managed by the Yukon government and Selkirk First Nation under the Selkirk First Nation Final Agreement. In order to avoid conflict between a SGYFN law and Yukon laws of general importance, any self-management agreement requires the NWSMS to consult with the Yukon government before passing legislation that it would reasonably foresee as an impact on Yukon legislation. Conversely, the Yukon government has an obligation to consult with the NWSMs before passing legislation that it would reasonably foresee as an impact on a SGYFN law. In addition, the Yukon government may declare that a Yukon law no longer matters to all or part of the NHSS if a SGYFN law renders a Yukon law partially ineffective and inappropriate or unduly difficult to manage.

The Aboriginal Leadership Development Program is a four-year national training and development program for Aboriginal leaders in Parks Canada and aims to build long-term retention of Aboriginal staff. In partnership with Yukon College since 2000, 124 participants from across the country have completed their training or are in full training. The success of the program depends on the continued support and participation of various Elders Yukon First Nation, Aboriginal leaders and community members. Yukon self-government agreements are written in a way that recognizes that NWMS may not want to assume responsibility for a full range of programs and services related to their authority as soon as they are self-administered.

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