Ejemplos De Agreement En Ingles

The second sentence is also in the present simple and negative, so to show the disagreement, we write NEITHER + do + subjecto. Behind NEITHER, the assistant will always be positive, because neither is already a negative word, and I don`t know, a denial can duplicate in the same sentence. Get an email with the following comments about this entry. To learn English from a beginner level, there is no better method than basic English available on Apple`s Amazon.com, Amazon.es and iBooks, in addition to my other side, gumroad.com/danielwelsch Hello, Allan: If you say „yes“ and „no“, say the opposite of the statement, and it is as follows: A. I love pizza. B. I don`t know. B. I don`t like pizza.

B. I do. As you can see, we do this with the subject and the corresponding auxiliary, in this case the one of the present. Hello, Patty. .

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