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The government says that bargaining policy is a matter of productivity. Our experience says that this is not the case. In the initial phase, staff were indeed begging to be able to propose innovative solutions that would lead to real productivity savings that could be taken into account in an agreement. We were told that they were not allowed and there are a number of job changes that have not been recognized as productivity for negotiations. The negotiation policy has actively hampered innovation throughout the department. [6] If you are looking for and are unable to reach an agreement, for example, „productivity“ should be achieved within the Australian Communications and Media Authority by reducing the additional leave for Tier 1 executives granted by previous contract negotiations in recognition of the value and effort of their work; in the area of defence, this has been achieved through the reduction of days off and the reduction of the rate of progression through wage structures; casa, by reducing allowances for certain isolated localities; and in DAWR, taking an axe from the existing veterinary structure. [9] One of the things that is very disappointing to us is that, in this round of negotiations, the negotiating policy and the way it has been interpreted and implemented means that there is no room for real discussions on productivity. For many years, I have concluded a number of agreements between the public and private sectors, in which, at the end of the process, all interested parties could say, „This has a substantial change, a substantial improvement in the functioning of this organization,“ and we simply do not have the opportunity to do so. Going back to the starting point, one of our responses to fiscal constraints is to try to find better ways of working – freeing up money, unlocking funds, etc.

– and getting real productivity improvements that create space for productivity-based wage increases. We do not have that opportunity now. [7] 5.12 According to Professionals Australias, the government`s negotiating approach has led to deadlocks in contract negotiations across the public sector. .

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