Locum Agreement Template

The work plan clearly defines the work that a Locum is willing to do for each commitment and should be completed each time a Locum agrees to work on a practice. We believe that the agreement protects both locums and practices and reduces the likelihood of litigation that occurs or continues. The discussion paper makes it clear whether the Locum will take over the private work and who will receive the payment if it wishes. This avoids confusion and, in the event of a dispute, can be used at the same time as the conditions to resolve the case. If there is disagreement over the responsibilities of locum or practice with respect to the contract, BMA members may contact the BMA to discuss how to resolve this issue on the basis of the contractual provisions and provisions agreed in the work plan. The locum practice agreement consists of two parts: terms and conditions and a work plan. If the discussion paper has not been completed to indicate the visits you accept, their cost and the additional costs for additional visits, you cannot charge for this additional work. If the practice disputes your extra fees, replies that you have been booked for visits and that you have not indicated the number, there is nothing you can do to force them to pay. The work model protects you by clearly specifying the work you have agreed to. The work plan describes exactly what a Locum is prepared to do for each commitment and is mentioned in the terms and conditions applicable to the commitments. It has been designed to minimize potential conflicts between locums and practices. Some examples of how the work plan can contribute to this are explained below. Terms and conditions are a legal document that contains provisions to protect practices and locums from a whole range of things, including the qualification of an employee or worker for tax or legal reasons and disorder.

Locum`s practice agreement can be used by any family physician who works independently of Locum in a family doctor`s office or any family doctor`s office employed by a Locum.

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