Three Of The Largest Petroleum Refineries In The Country Have Come To An Agreement

- Algerian Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab announced in June 2020 in Algiers the launch of the Tiaret refining project in 2022. Arkab said the energy sector planned to complete three new refineries in Hassi Messaoud, Biskra and Tiaret, each with a capacity of 5 million tonnes, with the completion of technical, architectural and rural development studies by the end of 2017. According to the Minister, these refineries will be carried out as part of the government`s plan for the period 2021-2024. Sonatrach has signed a contract with the Spanish and Korean consortium Technicas Reunidas-Samsung Engineering for the construction of the new Hassi Messaoud refinery. The consortium is expected to supply the refinery in the first half of 2024. In addition to refining projects, an expert working group has been set up at the Department of Energy level to examine the prospect of increasing production capacity at existing refineries. –The Nigerian state National Petroleum Corp. said it hoped to make a final investment decision for its condensate refining project by July 2020. NNPC has signed the frontal engineering project for the construction of the facility — which will be in the Niger Delta — with the KBR engineering office. NNPC is involved in the project by national oil producer Seplat Petroleum. NNPC first announced in August 2018 a project to build a condensate refinery with a refining capacity of 200,000 b/d of condensate oil produced by the country.

2.38 The Nelson Complex Index measures secondary conversion capacity relative to a refinery`s primary distillation capacity. It provides an overview of the complexity of the refinery and indicates the intensity of the investments, the cost index and the value of a refinery`s additional potential. It also allows for some degree of comparison between refineries. Shell said Australian refineries moved about eight or nine index brands, in contrast to the Asian environment, where the average rose from 6.5 to more than 10, with the Jamnagar refinery in India having an index of 14. [36] As of January 2015[update], there were 137 U.S. oil refineries operated under the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). [49] 2.11 Many OECD countries have faced challenges since 2009, for example, with eight European refinery closures since 2009 and new closures.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken note of the recognition of the UK government, which is under similar competitive pressure from competition in Europe and Asia. [7] 2.37 It is generally accepted that large refineries in the Asian region pose a competitive challenge for Australian refineries. Mobil Oil found that “the real competition in the Australian refinery is not the other Australian refineries, but the much larger refineries elsewhere.” [35] –The Russian state development bank VEB has signed cooperation agreements with African organizations also on the financing of a refinery in Morocco. The agreements were signed at a Russia-Africa summit. VEB said the memorandum on the oil refinery in Morocco was signed with the Russian export group and the Moroccan group MYA Energy, which is part of the Marita group. The refinery has a planned capacity of up to 5 million metres per year.

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