Sky Mobile Sign Credit Agreement

We send your credit file updates once a month on the same date and time. Your invoice may have been generated just before the credit file was created, and you may have paid the invoice after the file was submitted. All Sky Mobile customers have the option to send TEXT messages and make calls to international numbers from the UK. The amount you will be charged will depend on the number you call or text. Image messages can only be sent to UK phone numbers (you`re probably better off using a messaging service like WhatsApp anyway) and texts longer than 160 characters are calculated as two or more messages. Your personal data is used in connection with automated credit decisions to detect and protect offences such as fraud, money laundering and collection purposes. For more information on this subject, see the Sky Privacy and Cookies Notice. Hello @Charlie586 please check the registered email address (including all spam/junk folders) you have provided to Sky, here has also been sent the link to the credit agreement, the device will not be sent to you until you sign this credit/credit agreement. This credit agreement is digital and is not published. If you believe that the email address provided is incorrect or still needs help, please contact customer service. @Charlie586 make sure you have followed the instructions above, including the steps to link your Sky iD to your mobile account first. While you can tell us about it, we can`t give you the exact reason why your credit agreement application was denied.

If you are worried, it may be helpful to talk to a credit information service. Equifax is our credit information agency. Sky Mobile does credit checks. If you`ve turned down a credit agreement from Sky, the provider can`t tell you exactly why your application was rejected, but you may be can use Sky Credit Builder which allows you to build a payment story with the company for six months with a SIM-Only contract. Your credit agreement is separate from your monthly data, calls and TEXTS contract. Each contract may have different start and end dates. The default value is an accurate representation of the payment service and is not removed from your credit file….

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