Withdrawal Agreement Meaningful Votes

`application for withdrawal from the European Union` means an application made on behalf of a Minister of the Crown pursuant to article 13(1)(b) of the Withdrawal from the European Union Act 2018; and „allotted day“: a day when the first government activity is the request for withdrawal from the European Union. According to the February 27 motion, the rejection of the second significant vote means that the government must immediately submit a request to leave the European Union without a withdrawal agreement. The motion blocking a no-deal Brexit was unveiled on March 13. [94] [95] Two amendments to the motion were passed: the first, tabled by Caroline Spelman and categorically rejecting a lack of agreement in all circumstances, was adopted by 312 votes to 308; the second, the „Malthouse Compromise“, which supported a so-called „managed no-deal Brexit“, failed by 164 votes to 374. Indeed, at the opening of the debate on a „significant vote“ on December 4, the Prime Minister told the House of Commons that the political declaration „outlines the mandate“ of the UK`s negotiations on the uk`s long-term deal with the EU. She said that after May and her cabinet lost the third vote and the Cooper-Letwin bill passed third reading by 313 votes to 312, they considered the possibility of sending the withdrawal agreement back to Parliament for a fourth vote. [114] In mid-May, May said she would present the withdrawal agreement to Parliament in the first week of June. [115] Due to her strong opposition to the new deal, May postponed publication from May 24 to June 4 and subsequently resigned as prime minister. [116] One of the ironies of the government`s agony about the „meaningful vote“ is that it did not have to hold it at all. „Meaningful voting“ is best understood both as a specific parliamentary process and as a term that describes parliament`s broader role in shaping the conditions under which the UK leaves the EU. They will vote on the Withdrawal Agreement on the Irish backstop, the Divorce Act and civil rights. The third vote on the Withdrawal Agreement could then take place on 29 March 2019. [104] May promised to resign as prime minister if the withdrawal agreement was passed.

[105] In the end, May`s deal was rejected again, although by a smaller margin than in the previous two votes. [106] In the absence of significant changes in the positions of the political parties, the government was defeated, as expected, in the January 15 vote by 432 votes to 202 […].

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