Zoom App Agreement

„Data“ means all data and content uploaded, displayed, transmitted or otherwise made available by Users through the Services, including messages, files, profile information, text, documents, audio and video files, still images and anything entered or uploaded to the Services by a user of the Services. „Your Data“ means any information that you, persons acting on your behalf or users of your Application post on a website or transmit to or through Zoom in connection with your use of the Services. Zoom will only use your information in connection with the maintenance of the Sites, the provision of the Services, and the compilation of usage statistics from the Marketplace site through your App in accordance with these Terms of Use and as set forth in Zoom`s Online Privacy Statement at www.zoom.us/privacy. You hereby consent to such use. You understand and agree that we license photographs and other works of art, hereinafter referred to as images, from various licensors and/or copyright holders. We are authorized to use the images in accordance with the respective licenses. These images are used in our online design templates, hereinafter referred to as templates. You are required to comply with the restrictions on the use of images and/or models. Use images and/or designs (in whole or in part) as or in connection with trademarks, service marks, logos or other indications of origin or to endorse or otherwise imply endorsement of products and/or services.

Falsely, expressly or by reasonable implication, represent that you or any person other than the copyright owner(s) of the images and/or designs created the images and/or designs. We are required to provide licensors and/or copyright holders with the names of users who access the images and/or designs. In the event that anything in this section contradicts any of the agreements or licenses we have with licensors and/or copyright holders with respect to the images and/or designs, the terms of such agreements shall prevail. If you use images and/or models in a manner prohibited above or in agreements between us and licensors and/or copyright holders, this will result in liability under the terms of our agreements with licensors and/or copyright holders. 1.11. „Privacy Policy“ means Zoom`s Privacy Policy, which is available at zoom.us/legal and may be updated from time to time. .

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